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Introduction to Sure-Lok Mobility Securement Systems

Mobility Securement Systems | Introduction to Sure-Lok Mobility Securement Systems

Sure-Lok continues in its commitment to making transportation equally accessible and safe for disabled individuals. Whether it's a young child riding the bus to school, a professional using public transit or an elderly person on a visit to the doctor, all deserve the same level of protection afforded to non-disabled people.

Sure-Lok makes this possible by offering the widest selection of Mobility Aid Securement and Occupant Restraint Systems available. This allows you the freedom to choose the particular system that best meets the needs of your customers and is compatible for installation into the specific type of vehicle to be used.

Each and every product that Kinedyne manufactures is carefully engineered and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance. They subject their systems to some of the most severe testing conditions; levels that far exceed what is currently required by law.

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